Mixed Reality


Ready for WebAssembly: 

2D/3D Mixed Reality Engine

Fully in-engine UI system and editor

The Highlights: 

2D/3D Mixed Reality Engine

Fully in-engine UI system and editor

UI designed for ease of use

Designed and built for general creativity (and not around a single game)

Playful creation and rapid iteration

Drag and drop creativity

Lua Scripting: built-in script editor

Highly scale-able organizational/conceptual structure: A Simmetri Universe contains hieararchy of Spaces which are controlled and presented to the user via ViewPorts

Deeply inter-operable engine components
Spatial streamability via Lots 


Written in C++ (adapting along with new features i.e. C++11/14/17)

Single-origin code conventions and styling: Built by a single developer

Low code entropy, built for a single platform

Designed with porting in mind: abstraction of platform specifics

Clean, superbly commented, well modularized

Unit testing as part of build system

Lock-free thread management

Memory management for minimizing global heap allocations (and locks)
Fully embedded Lua scripting engine


Built around a shader pipeline

Compiles and caches shader variants on the fly

Automatic batching and state merging where possible

Abstracted for multi-threaded render pipeline

Current Features

Playtime interactive editing and script

Integrated learning tools​ and interactive tutorials

UI and functional extensibility support via UIXs (editor level Lua scripts)

Deep VR and 3D capabilities

Timeline animation & keyframing

Full audio engine

Material system

Support for standard and popular VR/3D assets like Google TiltBrush and Blocks.

Character animations

Drag-and-drop scripting (Lua)

Terrain, terraforming, atmosphere and planetary/celestial controls. 

Robust physics​ (fork of Bullet physics engine)

Material systems

Emitters and particles

Built-in playable actors

Online community for experience, world, and asset sharing / monetization.

Drag & drop interaction design

In-VR editing support

Support for multiple displays/4K

Export/stream at any resolution at any framerate: flat, 360, or DomeMaster format. 

Fully-modeled camera/lens system

Image filters

Easy value-animation via Signals/statistical models

Plug-in/out with MIDI, OSC, OBS 

Web API / HTML call library (ex: twitter integration)

Export to application (.exe)

Feature Pathway

Immersive Editor

Build-out of the current character animation system

Multi-user synchronization (including physics simulations)

Particle System Enhancements

AI agent system

Shader Graph / material system

Video streaming

Code-profiling tool enhancements

Simultaneous MR+screen scripting development environment

Asset prep and management enhancements: stronger integrations with asset clearinghouses


MR-centric enhancements (site-reactive tool integrations)

New documentation site 

Playtime mesh modification exposure

Enhance user Interface extend-ability

Expand audio engine controls

Priortiy Port

WebAssembly port: Cross-Platform WebXR integration.

The CTO and Lead Developer: 

22 years C++ production development

10+ years developing Simmetri