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Concept Highlights 

Simmetri, our engine and playful creation tool, is already out in the wild, being used by interactive-design artists to create XR experiences. With our tool, artists use VR trackers, networked devices, MIDI controllers, and many other inputs to drive interactive 3D experiences without having to wrangle a development environment, juggle versions, or Frankenstein together SDKs.


With Magic Leap's partnership and resource support we plan to adapt our engine to work seamlessly on and with Magic Leap. The marriage of Simmetri's celebrated intuitive user-interface and graduated learning curve with Magic Leap's unparalleled hardware will form a seamless, spatial-and-desktop synchronous creation experience we call "Magic Creator Express." 

Magic Creator Express is:

  • an out-of-the-box, Magic-Leap-specific engine and creative studio that works synchronously across headset and app on computer.  It enables: ​​

    • out of the box cross-reality creation, synchronizing spatial and screen-based creation;

      • creators to experience instantaneous scene changes and code edits in headset and visa versa. 

    • creation with the best of spatial (positioning/world-building, immersive animation and testing) and the best of screen (scripting, meta-level organization, property-tuning).  

    • plug-and-play MR tool-sets: like context-reactive / procedural logic tools: leveraging Magic Leap's computer vision and semantic scene description API.​​ ​

    • if we can say it... Project MARS meets WIX

Magic Creator Express will:​​

  • unlock a missing-middle; millions of under(or over)-equipped content creators:

    • those wanting more unique expressiveness than quirky sandboxes (e.g. Anyland, MindShow) or singular creative components (e.g. TiltBrush, Tivori) and yet less-cumbersome workflows and more turn-key tools than current game engines (e.g. Unity and it's multitudinous variably-versioned SDKs). ​

  • integrate connectivity across the Magic Leap device, webAPIs, and PC hardware inputs to enable deeper mixed reality experiences: 

    • Think... projection mapping + Magic Leap applications. Think.. Magic-Leap + Ableton or Touch Designer  

  • enable instantaneous app/experience publishing. Create on Magic Leap, publish on Magic Leap.​​

  • roll-out UX-managed tool-sets at the speed of Magic Leap feature development

  • leverage Simmetri's celebrated interactive tutorial system for a creative and fun learning experience.​



The Port

  • Lumin OS port

  • WebAssembly port

Feature Pathway

  • MR-centric enhancements (context-reactive tool integrations)

  • Immersive editor

  • Build-out of the current character animation system

  • Multi-user synchronization (including physics simulations)

  • Particle system enhancements

  • AI agent system

  • Motion and character animation enhancements

  • Shader graph / material system

  • Video streaming

  • Code-profiling tool enhancements

  • Simultaneous MR+screen scripting development environment

  • Asset prep and management enhancements: stronger integrations with asset clearinghouses

  • Improved documentation site 

  • Playtime mesh-modification exposure

  • Enhance user Interface extend-ability


Demo Simmetri Software

Visit our Steam Store Page. Use these Steam Keys:

  • YJ6M0-WVWBW-233GM

  • 5RQ0F-8VG7C-PM4H4

  • 3HMBI-K7Z3X-R026Z

Additional Simmetri Links 


Simmetri Feature Highlights 

  • 2D/3D Mixed Reality Engine

  • Fully in-engine UI system and editor

  • UI designed for ease of use

  • Designed and built for general creativity (and not around a single game)

  • Playful creation and rapid iteration

  • Drag and drop creativity

  • Highly scale-able organizational/conceptual structure: A Simmetri Universe contains hierarchy of Spaces which are controlled and presented to the user via ViewPorts

  • Deeply inter-operable engine components

  • Spatial stream-ability via 'Lots' 

  • Playtime interactive editing and script

  • Integrated learning tools​ and interactive tutorials

  • UI and functional extensibility support via UIXs (editor level Lua scripts)

  • Deep VR and 3D capabilities​​

  • Timeline animation & keyframing​

  • Full audio engine​

  • Material system

  • Support for standard and popular VR/3D assets like Google TiltBrush and Blocks.​

  • Character animations​

  • Drag-and-drop scripting (Lua)​

  • Terrain, terraforming, atmosphere and planetary/celestial controls. ​

  • Robust physics​ (fork of Bullet physics engine)

  • Material systems

  • Emitters and particles​

  • Built-in playable actors​

  • Online community for experience, world, and asset sharing / monetization.

  • Drag & drop interaction design​

  • In-VR editing support​

  • Support for multiple displays/4K​

  • Export/stream at any resolution at any framerate: flat, 360, or DomeMaster format. ​

  • Fully-modeled camera/lens system​

  • Image filters​

  • Easy value-animation via Signals/statistical models​

  • Plug-in/out with MIDI, OSC, OBS 

  • Web API / HTML call library (ex: twitter integration)

  • Export to application (.exe)

Additional Vitals 


  • Forged in beta mode for over a decade

  • 300,000 lines of code (+ hundreds of thousands more of additional open-source projects)

  • Comprised of >50 sub-projects (libraries)

  • Nimble and lightweight, 250 MB installed


  • New to the market scene: 5 months stealth Early Release, 2 months out-of-hiding marketing. Preparing for scale in 2019.

  • Bootstrapped, word-of-mouth marketing only

  • >50,000 hrs of user engagement with the platform

  • ~1000 users (about 150 active)

  • Discord guild of over 250 creators

Mixed Reality R&D: Meta 2 AR 

  • Paired Simmetri to Meta 2 

  • While Meta left a lot to be desired technically, we nevertheless found the cross-reality workflow extremely promising

  • These tests left us inspired and with increased anticipation for integrating with Magic Leap

Video Gallery

A collection of recently live-streamed tutorial videos. 



The Codebase

  • Written in C++ (adapting along with new features i.e. C++11/14/17)

  • Single-origin code conventions and styling: Built by a single developer

  • Low code entropy, built for a single platform

  • Designed with porting in mind: abstraction of platform specifics

  • Clean, superbly commented, well-modularized

  • Unit testing as part of build system

  • Lock-free thread management

  • Memory management for minimizing global heap allocations (and locks)

  • Fully embedded Lua scripting engine


  • Built around a shader pipeline

  • Compiles and caches shader variants on the fly

  • Automatic batching and state merging where possible

  • Abstracted for multi-threaded render pipeline


User Reviews 

Early Release goals achieved: User delight.  Product distinction.  Repeat Use.


“WOW. Simmetri is probably the best money I've ever spent on an app. It's ridiculously affordable for what it does. On top of that, it's VERY well-coded, the interface is very snappy, engine is REALLY fast.'s easily way more intuitive and polished than just about any other 3D or Game-type engine tool I've used. You can tell the developers really know what they're doing.“

I'm a professor in the creative writing program of a large public university. I've long been on the hunt for a tool that would allow me and my students--almost none of us STEM types or coders--to make narrative art in VR (and in 2D). Simmetri is that tool.”


“Simmetri interactive tutorials are probably the best i've ever walked through! Fun, nicely constructed and well-rounded for quick intro. Hundreds of time i've heard word ''gamification", first time i see somebody have properly implemented it in software learning curve.”


The Team

We’ve been working together as a team for the last 2 years. We see ourselves as the dark horse mixed-reality engine you haven’t heard of yet. We came out of hiding this year, Early Releasing the Simmetri engine/creator studio on the Steam marketplace. We’re passionately dedicated to mixed reality creativity. We see a vast gap in content creation tools for the ‘everybody else’- those who don’t have a CS degree, those who are not game-developers by trade, those who haven’t dedicated two years of their life to debugging their way through a Unity deployment. We’re highly focused on accessible, turnkey, delightful user interfaces for MR experience design.

Amedeo Mapelli - Creator of Simmetri, a unique sandbox application for creating XR

experiences. Amedeo has been designing and writing applications since 1993; most of the time focused on writing native C++ graphics and audio engines and the creative front-ends built on top of the engines. He’s been working on Simmetri full time for over 10 years. In 2014 he added in support for VR. Before working on Simmetri, Mapelli was one of the original founders of iZotope, a leading audio software company for the music industry, serving artists such as Trent Reznor, Nine-Inch Nails and Jay Z. In 2013, iZotope won the Emmy Award for Technology and Engineering.


Max Harper - Max helps drive the vision and product design intentions by drawing on a diverse set of academic, amateur and professional experiences: ranging from professional film-making, stage magic and choreography, to 3D design and architecture, scientific research, renewable energy social entrepreneurship, and enterprise visual strategy consulting. Harper served the revolutionary digital media strategy for the Obama 2008 campaign as video producer. Max is the co-founder and former Innovation Director of Groundswell, a social enterprise that won over 5 national awards for social innovation. Max is also the winner of two top-tier VR Hackathon Awards: MIT Hacking Arts and (along with Amedeo) the SXSW VR Hackathon 2017. 

Team Highlights 


First Place with MR Design Hack

MIT Hacking Arts - First Place with AR Music Education App