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Simmetri is the only interactive learning platform that teaches people with no coding experience how to build high-end VR/AR apps.


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As XR becomes mainstream, people like you are imagining ways of harnessing this new and exciting medium to create unique 3D apps and experiences. Currently, the high-end tools that exist for XR creation are complicated and difficult to learn; those without a coding background hit a wall early on and get discouraged from trying further.

Simmetri is the only interactive learning system that teaches people with no coding experience how to build XR apps using a custom built, fully-featured 3D engine.

Simmetri is a creative sandbox with a fully interactive in-app learning system that playfully guides you into learning the app itself and empowers you with a toolkit of abilities to build a vast array of XR experiences.

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Simmetri is currently under development for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

You can download a free demo for Windows 10 featuring our playground and a limited set of interactive tutorials.

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